Psychedelic Get Down Party

60's/70's psychedelic lps, okay?

Let's start with this one:

First time "psychedelic rock" was put to print. (First time the term appears on a lp cover.)

I bet no one gets this.
See the movie "Wild In The Streets" 1968.    Thankfully Leary wasn't elected!
Turn on, tune in, drop dead. - Alfred E. Newman
Show us your go-go girlfriend's hippie dance moves.
I have a trade copy of   "Wild In The Streets" lp. Groups titled The Gurus and 13th power (or summart loike that).

The movie starred Hal holbrook ,Shelly Duval and Richard Prior.
The lead character was called Max Frost. Isn't there a band, max Frost and the Troopers" or summat, which did the track "Shape of things to come"?
OK @sammmmmmy,

You know more than we/I do.

Will this suffice?