Psychedelic Get Down Party

60's/70's psychedelic lps, okay?

Let's start with this one:

First time "psychedelic rock" was put to print. (First time the term appears on a lp cover.)

I bet no one gets this.

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The Deep is the one that everyone is told to go for.The one that is all over the net.


arctikdeth :  wots the title of the lp?
                    who is the artist/band?
13th Floor Elevators lp was released November ’66
The Deep release date is unclear ,but thought to be late October/early Nov.


Rusty Evans started off as rockabilly, releasing his first lp ,"I lived,I loved,I lost" in '63. Then there was the "Songs of Our Land" lp which - as you may think from the title - had Guthrie/Seeger folk moves. I think two other lps followed - none of interest here.

He shared Greenwitch venue with the likes of folkies like Fred Neil and Dylan. (Crosby too.)

2 Folkways lps and "All Night Singers" with two women in the band.

In '65, Rusty first dipped into "psych"-lite with the single "1983" on Musicor label.

Later he had connections with the excellent Tripsichord Music Box, Its A Beautiful Day and 5th Pipe Dream.

The Deep kicked-off as a clearly garage/folkrock. (I never could hear much psych here, but,afterall, this was psych in its most rudimentary stage. 

Because of the (unfortunate) front cover where "Psychedelic Psoul" is put directly above Freakscene, peeps - what is the word? - misconstrued it to think the band named P.Psoul. (An even better example of confusion-rendering is the Joyride/Friendsound lp.)

The trouble with The Freak Scene lp is the throw-away counterculture-narration track.
"Draft Beer Not Students" is plain irksome (and very dated) fill.

The other thing is that it was recorded high into the treble. This can grate if you take in the whole lp - however short it is - at one listen.

Oh yeah - there is a slowed-down version of the classic, "Million Grains of Sand" on the Marcus lp -bitta orchestrated as well.

Sammmmmy  has not listened to The Deep lp for over 20 years now, but, on recently taking the short 31 minutes ,Sammms  be distinctly under-whelmed on the psychedelic front.
Nonetheless, for the time it must have stood out with some peeps scratching their heads.

The lead track, "Coloured Dreams" first thing that comes to mind, of course is Dylan. (One member was afterall involved with Dylan). This track, and later on "Turned On" is straight from "Maggie's Farm" period. The nigh-rap ramblings on the first track immediately bringing to mind "Subterranean Homesick Blues".

The second track, "When Rain is Black" sounds unsurprizingly straight to me yet "something IS happening here, Mr Jones" since the mould is being broken: the song is about death. We are coming into one of the -albeit minor - hallmarks of psych: to break away from the saccharine verses.

"Crystal Night" is banjo-sound crap that would have fit in a bar scene on Bonanza.(One finger-played piani anorl.)

The tedious "Wake up and Find Me". Absolutely nothing remotely "psych" here.

"Trip '76" with the lyrics, "We're going on a pleasure ride to see what's on the other side" and "the future coming on too soon". Same four guitar notes throughout.

"Shadows on the Wall" Vibes, lounge moves,guitar played like one drunk - sounds exactly that to my ear -drunk (like "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35") not tripping.

"Psychedelic Moon" sung out of tune. "There's no reason I can't love you beneath the psychedelic moon." Almost a joke-track.

And the lp gets even worse towards the end. "Choice To Choose". Really nothing psych here except the NON-love lyrics.
And the Simon & Garfunkel-ish closer (with bells) "On Off, on off" ending with a few seconds of "Joy To The World"and an explosion (also taken from S&G -though Sammmmmy has not checked the release dates.)

Overall psych-ey? "A Mind-expanding phenomena"?
Not really.

Vibes, drums played like tymphani, sound effects thrown in (pigs at the trough and, later on, sounds like pelicans fighting over today's catch.) All this is okay....but....

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So then, lads.
Wot was the last psychedelic album you played?

I can't remember mine. I've been listening to a load of Lightfoot lps recently.
(Gordon would stick-out at a Psychedelic Get Down Party, like a Jew would at the Christian almsbox.)

Wot lp would you play at a  Psychedelic Get Down Party ?

Show us your go-go girlfriend's hippie dance moves.

(Bit of a cheat on my part since this is a monologue (spoken word) lp. No musicians. But then again, to be fair, I didn't say that it had to be a band lp.)
Also the idea was to fund him . Leary was running for gov of California, I believe.
1970 Leary released "You can be anything this time around"  lp.
This time there were musicians doing a jam:

Hendrix - bass
Stills - guitar
Miles - drums
Sebastian - guitar

(I was listening to this lp  a few months back.)

Get down boy!

I have a trade copy of   "Wild In The Streets" lp. Groups titled The Gurus and 13th power (or summart loike that).

The movie starred Hal holbrook ,Shelly Duval and Richard Prior.
The lead character was called Max Frost. Isn't there a band, max Frost and the Troopers" or summat, which did the track "Shape of things to come"?
I said Shelly Duval.

Meant Shelly Winters.
 Leary's LP was released in August '66, when Rusty Evans was recording his.
In '65 there was the group Psychedelic Rangers .
But no lps were released.

Where you getting this 12/31/1965 date from?
Wot is "ABKCO"?

Lundborg's Acid Archives:
" August, 1966 Rusty Evans & the DEEP record the "Psychedelic Moods" LP in Philadelphia"
The RELEASE date would have been later. Like I said ,Oct or Nov '66

Sammy has the origional 13th Floor Elevators lp on yellow/lime International Artists label. Of course, no date to be found anywhere.

 When you want to go extreme Trans Cosmic-Trip Express, and utterly flip your lid -like Beany Boy and Cecil the Seasick Serpent - try TAKEHISHA KOSHUGI's "CatchWave" lp ,('75).
Greg Pawleko really goes for this one in his catalogue and warns that them who fly the heights dont necessarily come back down.
But a warning word - this is not yer melodic prog.Pretty it aint. Pure harrowing/mesmerizing Kosmic. Rather sparse, avant -lots of distorted vocals.
Sammmmy never checked, but Im certain this former leader of Taj Mahal Travellers and East Bionic Symphonia ('76),appears on the legendary Nurse With Wound Reference List (which all RIOists and noise-gardeners should indelibly commit to memory.)

So then Lundborg in his book is wrong.....on this important point????

Donovan ,Autumn '65 (but not released till later):
"Well, I’ll buy you sugar cube.
I’ll buy you sugar cube.
I’ll buy you a sugar cube,
If you just gimme some of your love, gal.

I don’t want to go for no trip.
I don’t want to go for no trip.
I don’t want to go for no trip.
If you just gimme some of your love, gal."