I recently received Psvane's newest 300B tube, the 300B Acme.

I let the tubes warm up in my amplifier for about an hour before playing some music - and the tubes will not be "broken in" for another 100 hours or so.  Still, here are some initial impressions as compared to my Gold Lion 300B tubes (very good tubes for the price, but not trying to be the best of the best).

1.  The air between instruments increased significantly

2.  The image height increased by a couple of feet!

3.  The amount of reverb heard in music and vocals increased greatly. Midrange is sweet, palpable and realistic.

4.  The music had great dynamics that was missing previously.  The snare has the right "bite" to it, the contrast between loud and soft increased dramatically,.

5.  Sound stage imaging was more precise and had greater depth.

So far, I am very happy with the tubes!!



Thank you for your first impressions.


I look forward to hearing more as time goes on.

I have both the Psvane Acme 845s x 2 pair and 2 of the Acme 300b tubes….they are great.I also have the new WE 300B from Roseville,Ga.I like thei Acme better…they will get better

I wish, but I need 2 matched quads and they are simply out of my price range. The Genelex PB 300's were $1750!

$1,100 shipped for a pair with a one year guarantee. They would have to be twice as good as the EML Mesh that cost me $700 or so, and have a five year guarantee, before I would consider them. Going by user input I have seen to date, chinese tubes don't last, especially not for five years +. For folks who can toss that much money at a pair of power tubes and not miss it every year or two, Acme is a good choice. I wouldn't mind being in that group.  

Paul, Thanks for your feedback on the Psvane 300B Tubes. Are you still using The Frankenstein 300b Stereo Amp?

Hi.  Yes!  The Frankie is my main amp...may try the Coincident PC next to see if that also lowers the noise floor and adds punch to the bass etc.