PSVANE 845T Monoblocks?

Anyone own or tried the Grant Fidelity PSVANE 845T monoblocks? What were your impressions of these amps. Looking for a very nice pair of 845's to use with a very sensitve horn speaker.
Hi Stickman451,

I just got finished with my review on the Melody Valve HiFi 845 Mono Blocks for my website this afternoon. They turned out to be terrific both in build quality and sonic performance. And yes, I believe they are better amps then the Grant Fidelity mono blocks which I have also heard. If you want to discuss this send me an E-mail.

another question; in general terms, how would you describe a the typical sound/tonal differences between what you get with a typical 845 amp vs a 211 amp? For example, Grant Fidelity has the Cyber 845 mono's that can use either the 845 tube or the 211
Stickman....How sensitive is your very sensitive horns.
I use 845's with 96db 6ohm horns but with a higher sensitive speaker I would look into a 300b or 45
Just a thought
104db Sensitive
Hi Stickman, "" may give you some ideas.

I own Cary 805s and have A/B'd the 845 vs the 211. In that amp, I prefer the 211 because, tho it's sounds slightly "darker" on the high end, it strikes me as offering up a more satisfying overall tonal balance. The 845, by contrast, sounds a bit more forward and dynamic. The difference is pretty subtle to my ear, but also pretty consistently there.

I've been told that the tubes spec the same and should sound the same, but I've always noticed the delta described above. Of course, that's one set of 845s vs one set of 211s in one pair of amps, so it's hardly a statistically significant example. Therefore, take it FWIW.