PSU upgrade for TW AC 1

Am contemplating an upgrade to the Black Night PSU and motor controller for my TW AC1. Would love to hear from A'goners who have either done the upgrade or have some experience of it .Unfortunately a demo in my system is not possible.The rest of my vinyl chain : Durand Talea tonearm with a Lyra Titan i, Nagra VPS phono stage etc
Would appreciate any comments/adevise
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I think it is well worth it at least in my case.
After hearing some people talking about using Black Night PSU with good result,
when I ordered my Raven AC-1, I ordered it with Black Night PSU as it would cost me just a bit more to get the upgrade PSU right from the beginning. Anyhow, there was a slight mixed up and TW sent my table with standard PSU. It took about 6-8 weeks for me to finally get the Black Night PSU so I listened to Raven AC-1 for quite awhile with standard PSU before switching to Black Night PSU. Right out of the box, Raven AC-1 with Black Night PSU, the background is more quiet, more detail, bass was tighter with better pitch definition. The difference was not night and day but certainly quite noticeable and since you have a top notch setup, I think you would be able to appreciate the difference as well. I have no idea how much it would cost to buy a new Black Night PSU so I can't tell if it is worth the money or not but in my case, I think it is money well spent.
Many thanks for your comments. You have a really impressive system. Is the pic of the TW AC1 taken before the PSU/motor upgrade or did you opt only for the PSU?
Pradeep, I just have the PSU for now to use with single motor on Raven AC1. In the future, I probably will look into 3 motors upgrade or use Black Night motors if that's possible but that's probably still a long way off.
How much each for the PSU and motors?
I was the first to get Black Night Power supply.It was set up by Jeff and Thomas im very happy its very quiet,better bass, speed,more open great upgrade.I also got Black Night feet which made image more solid and also helped the bass.Wonderful table with wonderful service as well.
I just raised this issue with the UK importer, who is a very reliable source of information. He said the UK price of the Black Knight PSU was about £3000 and felt the improvement, which there would certainly be, was doubtful against the cost. This was in the context of a Raven one, not an AC.
Incidentally, I found a big improvement using a Lessloss DPFC power cord with the Raven one PSU. I was quite suprised about that. I thought a turntable PSU would be immune to the benefits of a power cord.
Have been quoted SGD 10800 for the whole package less something for trade in for the AC 1 PSU and Motor ie approx USD 6.5 to 7k net.