PSU Caps

There are two (2) large rectangular caps at the ac inlet of the psu. They are labeled as such; 0.1uF 250V~X2. What does the X2 mean? Yeah I know, stupid question, but I'm at least looking for a intelligent answer. What would I replace them with. Would a WIMA MPK10 0.1uF 250V work?
"Yeah I know, stupid question"

When it comes to power deliver the dumbest questions are the ones you don’t ask

"What does the X2 mean"

X and Y rated caps are a special class of cap that can be safely used in the 120V/220V chain ... because they are self healing in the event of a failure

Their purpose is to dissipate RF and transients riding on the line by presenting a high impedance at those interfering frequencies and dissipating them

The X rated caps are meant to go between the HOT and Neutral and dissipate Common Mode noise

The Y rated caps are meant to be used between the Hot and the Safety Ground and from the Neutral to the Safety Ground and dissipate Normal or Differential noise

The 1 and 2 as in X1 or X2 designate the capacitors Maximum handling capacity ...

Remember that Maximum Capacity is a rating and not a challenge
Thanks Dave. I now understand and can safely replace some aging X2 caps with those of similar specs.

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