PSE Studio V

I was recently handed a pair of these monoblocks....yup free! One powers on and seems to work fine, while the other gives me an external power LED (but neither LED on the input board lights up) and a relay click, but that is all.
I have read some old posts regarding these and am wondering if there are any PSE afficionados still around?
I heard these amps back in the early 90's driving vandy's. They sounded great and have cool looking wood siding. However, I dont know the first thng about technical issues...
PSE products were designed by Dean Kleinfelter. Great stuff. I do not know what happened to him. Unplug the unit, open the top and make sure the fuses are ok.
This should help you out:
I located Dean Klinefelter in Minnesota and still seems to be involved in his products as he offered troubleshooting help;Phone number is 763-295-1710 for anyone who may need it as well.
Thanks to all! I will try calling and see what happens.
I have had a pair since the early 90's. Used them with Vandersteen 2s and now with 3A Signatures. Still love them. Paired with an Audio Research SP-9 preamp.
One thing to know; they don't like a conventional grounded power cord. So, you have to float the ground, or you'll get a hum. A standard grey 3 to 2 prong adapter will work just fine. I just upgraded to Audioquest NRG-2s and they improved the detail & imaging to a nice degree.
I've known Dean for many years. Great guy. Spoke with him last week. I will be working on a pair of Studio V's soon...
These are getting up in age now and the Muse KZ caps should be replaced on the main board. They are rated at 85 c and the center heat sink generates a hot 63c with the other 2 around 42c when the outside sink is 40c
These are 20 years old now and worth preserving for their excellent sound.
Hifigeek1- contact me about these
Avwerks. How would you like me to contact you?
Been a bit reluctant to call (don't want to bother the man!) and will likely just end up posting these for sale as I can't afford to have them repaired.