PSE Studio 4 amplifier - any good?

I am thinking of buying a used PSE Studio 4 amp. Anyone out there care to put their comments on this amp?...thanks
Are you referring to Professional Systems Engineering of Minnesota, or one of the other two high end audio companies with the name PSE?
Yes, Albert, this is the same, Professional Systems Engineering.

Great amplifiers, the Studio V's are incredible.
I own one of these, bought it used a couple years ago. It was a good value, and I believe it had been rated Stereophile Class C. At first I found it a bit lacking in the bass, but perhaps I was expecting a lot from a 100 wpc amplifier. Then I replaced the power cord with an audiophile cord (a Stealth M-7, actually) and it became a different amplifier, with strong, tight bass. (However, the original cord was hardwired in, so replacement was somewhat of a pain.)

I'd say the Studio IV is a good value, given the prices I've seen for it used. If you want to upgrade it, have an IEC socket installed and try using a good power cord.
It's as good as anything near it's price range,in fact,BETTER.

I don't know about the Studio 4's, but the studio V monoblocks are excellent. I have a pair of the Special Editions that are great, along with their PHE hybrid preamp. Great sounds, especially plugged in to a Power plant.
I own both studio 4 stereo and and studio five monoblocks and have been very happy with them for over 10 years. My current office system is rega planet, studio SL preamp, studio five mono blocks recently upgraded, all Nordost blue heaven wire balanced to the amps with a new pair of Totem Arros. I ran this system unbalanced with the Studio Four while the 5's were being upgraded and the sound for a small system was still stunning. It is the most musical and reavealing system I've ever put together for a small space for the money. I think Dean at PSE does a great job and his equipment at this price point new or used is still hard to beat. It just got better when the upgraded 5's got back. I'd reccomend. ACR
Pleased to hear that Dean (PSE) is still producing a world class product as always. He is a terrific person and a great engineer.

Years ago when no one was discussing the subject, he was instrumental in getting me to upgrade my electrical system.

I owned several of his amps, and years ago following his suggestion, ran Vandersteens fours, using two pair of PSE mono blocks. No doubt his current line is much improved since then.
I'm biased. Bought a Studio I preamp and Studio II Amp in 1977. Dean upgraded both in 1980 for $75 each. Bought an Adcom in 1988--slightly better than the II. In 1990, the Studio II needed repair. Cost $120. In 1995 bought a Studio IV when I built my home theater system. Vastly superior to the Adcom. Shortly afterwards, crossed two speaker cables and damaged the new IV. Dean repaired it for $110. Last year I replaced the Adcom (which was deteriorating sonicly) with a used IV.

I still use the Studio I for my TT pre-preamp and the Studio II for my back speakers.

One of my Studio IV's has a detachable power cord. The other does not.

I'm pleased with my PSEs. My only question is that Dean must be nearing retirement. Not sure what will happen after he leaves the business.
I have owned two of these in the past and would give anything to have them back...used with a pair of KEF 102 monitors and you have sonic excellence if not Nirvanna...why they stopped being made is beyond me...use them with their comparable preamp if you can
I am currently using the Studio IV and still have the Studio V's which I bought several years ago. The monoblock Studio V's have a bit more 'heft' and bass as you would expect, but the IV has, perhaps, a bit more focus, though I haven't done a lot of back and forth comparisons.
I was auditioning a number of used amps for a second system and the Studio IV was far and away the best I had heard in the $500-700 price range. At the moment it remains in my main system as I focus on other upgrades.
I have a PSE Studio 2 amp. When I recently purchased this used I was not expecting nor prepared for the excellent sonics this amp produced. In fact it sounded better than many new solid state amps I have heard. It presentation is slightly warm with rich harmonics along with a large soundstage. Like many quality amps its sound steadily improved over a 24 hour period.