PSE amp repair

I have a pair of Professional Systems Engineering (PSE) Studio 5 dual monos paired with a Studio SL pre amp that I have enjoyed for many years. One of the amps now has a failure where in acts like it is overloading and the protection circuitry shuts the amp down even with no input. I have a very good technician here in Boise ID who has tried to fix it but he says without schematics he now can't figure it out. Both he and I have tried to find schematics on these using various sources to no avail. There is now no contact with Dean Klienfelter, the companies founder, and I can't find anyone else to help. Audiogon is my last hope so if anyone out there can help I would certainly appreciate it before totally giving up. Let me know.
Give John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ a call.
Dean helped design the new Vandersteen amp. Don't know if Richard would be willing to share contact info, but might be worth a shot.
Do a search both here and at Audio Asylum. Someone else ask about PSE repairs within the past year and received a few suggestions.

Good luck.
Thanks for the help. I got a call back from John Rutan after e-mailing him and he has some info on what is going on. Dean Klienfelter is indeed working currently with Richard Vandersteen on some things but John did not recommend contacting Richard about getting access to Dean right now. John has a similar situation to mine with a PSE amp that is not working. He told me that sometime in the next 6 months or so he was going to make contact with Dean who may be available again by then to repair or at least get us access to schematics perhaps. I will stay in contact with John and hopefully get these working again.