PSB vs Vandersteen

I was wondering how these would compare with simular priced models, thanks for any help.
i have owned the vandy 2ce signature and love the speaker. they require power, i used them with tubes and solid state and they need the power because they are such a laid back sound, which means, they don't bowl you over with presence or loudness ,but allow the music to flow naturally . i used them with linn player, panache amp, cary tubes and they were excellent with all music , but they do need the power or current. they are rather a large speaker and it takes time to set them up properly, time aligned, but once done, wow....they also work biwired which allowed them to perform at their best. for the money, they really can't be beat. but they must have good electronics to do well,and i would say that linn,cary,krell,panache are very good, but my local dealer always used them with musical fidelity and i thought they did match up very well, the psb is a good speaker, but not in the league with vandy. if you check stereophile, audiophile , they say the same and continue to be in the class of hard to beat for the money but again must have very good electronics and are rather large...although the one model is much small and has the same sound but doesn't go a low in bottom end..hope this helps,,,
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PSB more efficient and sensitive need less power while Vandys are more open but will need high quality power to shine.
I own 2Ce sigs and love em but I did demo the PSB Synchrony 2's before I bought the 2Ce sigs and they were great. Were they $1000 better? I didn't think so but they were quite impressive. Very tight on the low end and very smooth on the high...sweet mids.