PSB vs Thiel 2.2/3.6 -- Any thoughts?

I currently own the PSB T55 (about 1200 MSRP if I recall) and am considering a switch to Thiel (2.2 or 3.6). Should I expect a significant improvement in sound? Bryston 3B-ST amp. Newbie to this forum. Any comments from you all will be most appreciated.
Owned a pair of 3.6's and have heard many different pairs of PSB's. The PSB's never made me want to sell my Thiels. But Thiels are very demanding and require good up stream components ( I owned all cj premier components at the time) to sound their best. I eventually sold my Thiels (wife hated them bc of their size) for a pair of Focal Be's . The Focals are more transparent and dynamic than the Thiel 3.6's were.
I much prefer the Thiels. If you insist on keeping your amp the 22's will probably work better for you.
Time and phase coherence matters to me so it is a no brainer. I tried moving away from Thiel at one point to Dynaudio speakers but "they (Thiels) pulled me back in."

And as long as you don't push your Bryston too hard, this will work well with the Thiels. I agree the 2.2s willwork best in this set up. 2.4s would be even better; I use them with a CJ CA200 integrated and they sound wonderful.
Time and phase coherence matters to me so it is a no brainer.

My sentiment exactly. I've tried many different speakers but always come back to time and phase aligned speakers. The simpler the crossover the better also.
My only problem with the Thiels is the metal tweeters. Although the latest 1.6 was not bad at all.
If you have bigger room, 3.6 gives you more bass impact and dynamics. Since it has lots of bass energy, small room will make them sound bass heavy.
The Thiel 2.2 will sound fine with the Bryston. It is a giant step over the PSBs
Thanks all. I guess I am in the market for used Theils! Anyone looking to part with their 2.2s?