PSB Tower Speakers - Amp Matching

Hi - looking for recommendations for PSB tower speakers - specifically the new X2Ts but if you have experience with T5 or T6 or T2, that would be helpful as well. Looking for integrated amp under 2000 used (or new). Thanks
With PSB and NAD being sister companies, I would start with any of the fine choices from NAD like the 375BEE/DAC or the 390DD. Both will come in under $2000.00.

psb/ nad is a logical conclusion since they are part of the same parent company. My advice is try to listen to the pairing before committing to purchase if at all possible.
try the Conrad Johnson line 2300a or 2500a with a good tube amp and those psb will sing..............
Fail to see how being owned by same comglomerate is relevant.
IMHO NAS is among the most unreliable gear sold and I would go for a Yamaha A-S1000 if integrated is desired.
feeling especially hard-hitting today, i'd agree with all of the above. psb speakers are voiced with nad gear and typically auditioned together; when i've heard 'em they definitely had a nice synergy. i also gotta validate schubert--i've had terrible luck with nad gear, which (while indisputably good-sounding) breaks down more than yugos.
"IMHO NAS is among the most unreliable gear sold and I would go for a Yamaha A-S1000 if integrated is desired."

While I have heard quite a bit about NAD's unreliablity, I own and have owned several NAD pieces and all have performed wonderfully without issues. My good luck I guess.

Now to the Yamaha A-S1000. I purchased one about a month ago and am totally blown away by it. Build quality is on par with integrateds costing twice as much and sound quality, well about the same.

Hi Kansas,

I pair my PSB Imagine T2's with a Parasound A21 amp. IMO, the T2's needed some juice and found the bass had a nice punch with this amp. I also use the Audio Research SP17 preamp with that amp and found it didn't colour the sound. The T2's still had a nice rich midrange and the preamp added some detail and air that I feel the T2's lacked. I also felt the tweeter in the T2's were a little sibilant and feel the preamp softened the screech a bit. I am in a treated room which also took a little sibilance away from the tweeters.
Ok, thank you and interesting that one choice was for a tube amp - anyone compared a tube amp with SS using some flavor of PSB tower speakers such as Imagine line? Thanks for all your advice.