PSB T65, B&W 604 S3 or Revel Concerta F12?

Looking for a good, affordable set of speakers for both music (mostly Classical) and movies. Each of these 3 appeals to me in this price range. Also to take into consideration will be each brand's center speaker in the same series. I've studied the specs, but what do they sound like? I would welcome suggestions or comparissons from those who have heard them. I'm using Rotel's top electronics (RMB1095 and RSP1098) and want speakers which will offset the Rotels' slightly analytical side with some warmth, finesse and a slightly laid back perspective. Which of these might do that for me? Thanks!
David, you may remember me from the Audio Magic cables I bought. I have heard the Revel Concertas and own the Performas and I can tell you that Concertas a great value.
They have much of the same characteristics of the Performas. I was actually dis-apointed to hear how good they sound giving that they cost about a 1/4th of what the Performas F32 list for. I realize that Cherry Creek carries them but I bought mine in Ft Collins at Audio Alternative. I haven't heard the PSB T65 but have heard the B&W's and I find that all the B&W's have just a little "dry" sound to them. Good Luck


I recently checked out some Revel F50a and the matching c50a center at a local dealer. They sounded awsome. But for some reason my dealer talked me into listening to the concerta series for a fraction of the performas price before making up my mind.
And trust me the F12 for $1200 are unbelievable. They are no F50s but close.
I ended up getting a set of F12s and the C50a center instead of the matching c12. The dealer had it on clearance and I could not resist.
I set them up at home and they match very well. The C50a simply is amazing. Great dynnamic with no coloratin what so ever. The F12 don't embarass either.
I am sure the C12 would've sounded good too, but I just thought I 'd go all out since the center is the most important speaker in any theater system, and trust me, that was the best decision I ever made. Maybe someday I might get the matching F52a if I finder a LOT cheaper, but for now the F12 look more like it for me for a while.
I also listened to the paradigms and the B&W and believe me, they don't come close to to the F12 even the ones that are twice as much.
I give the revels 2 Thumbs up. You would not go wrong.