PSB T55s better than 6Ts

The new Image line is here from PSB and I thought I'd post my findings so far. I bought a pair of the new T55s to replace my larger 6Ts (which were a little too big for my room). I am amazed at the improvements in sound in the T55s. I was not that impressed with the previous 5Ts, which is why I bought the bigger 6Ts. But these new T55s are wonderful speakers. They are smoother on top, but still nicely airy, clearer in the mid range and tighter in the bass. These are all things I was hoping to hear improve in this line of speakers, but wasn't expecting this much of an improvement. Great job, PSB!!! I just love the T55s.
Have you heard the new T65s yet? How much better are they than the T55s? I am in the market for one of the three new models, however, if I can avoid the 20" depth of the T65s, it would be helpful. The cost is not a factor if the T65s are a considerable upgrade. Thanks.