PSB T45 or B&W 600 series

Category: Speakers

I am trying to get a more full sounding speaker, purchased locally. PSBT45 or T-55 or the B&W 600 series seem like good choices. Has anybody compared the two or paired either with a Rega Mira?


I actually auditioned both pairs unfortunately they where not side by side but at different dealers. different rooms etc..

I kept coming back to the B&W tho. There are lots of opinions out there saying the b&w's are colored in midrange and so forth. But to me the the PSB's lacked clarity and detail in the treble. Used receivers to test both sets of speakers as well. The B&W's where a winner for me

The 683's I think is what I was comparing with T55 I believe.

I kept shopping around here on audiogon and auditioned some quad 22L2's that where used for same price. These sound remarkable and had the wife approval factor on looks. They are very sexy with 7 coats of lacquer on rosewood.. more like a furniture peace than anything seen in this price range.