PSB T3 Owners - Tell Me About Your Speakers - Considering Purchase - Can't Demo Them

As the title says, I am considering purchasing a pair of the PSB Imagine T3 loudspeakers. I have always had great respect for Paul Barton's speaker designs, and these seem to have clearly reached a new height. 

A key reason I am considering these is the seldom seen (aka extremely hard to earn) rave review by John Atkinson of Sterephile, who said:

"While more expensive than its predecessor, the Synchrony One, PSB's Imagine T3 offers superb sound quality for what is still a relatively affordable price. To improve on its combination of full frequency-range sound, clarity, and neutrality, you would need to spend almost three times as much. It is also a beautiful piece of audio furniture."

Other reviews and commentary echo comments on the high level of performance of these speakers, as well as their relative warmth (important to me). These are not inexpensive speakers. My concern is that I have never purchased a pair of speakers without auditioning them, but have no opportunity whatsoever to listen to these prior to purchase. There are no dealers who have the speakers on display in my entire state, and none at all within less than a six hour drive, minimum. 

I would appreciate any comments you have on the relative performance and sound characteristics of your T3's. Thank you.

What is your  amplification? Listening room size ?
There is a thread from a current owner if you scroll down a bit.... lots of praise.
If you buy them from Crutchfield they should be returnable, no questions asked.  Best to check the fine print beforehand, though.
Amplification will either be Pass 100.5 monoblocks, or PrimaLuna Dialogue 7 monoblocks.

Room size is 13.5x16

I did read the thread by the recent owner, and there are some positive indicators there. But only the original poster, who just purchased them, and one other actual owner have provided any commentary. And mostly only tied to the previous PSB Synchrony 1 model. I'm hoping for some comparisons of other speakers in this class to help me make the decision.
PSB T3 are very good speakers you can’t go wrong with them ,you may consider at the same level the Monitor Audio PL200 ii.
If you are looking for more dynamics and rubost options :
Proac Response D48R
Bryston Middle T
I will agree I dont think you can go wrong either, instead varying levels of right. If I had to choose an "everybody" speaker everyone had to live with I think those would simplify the responsibility and keep hate mail to a bare minimum.   
Itzhak, I pent some significant time auditioning the more expensive Monitor Audio PL300ii earlier this week. They didn't have the PL200ii in stock but told me that, per the manufacturers rep, the two speakers had virtually the same sound. Very nice speaker, but perhaps just a touch on the analytical side. The reviews note the T3's being a bit warm, which is more to my taste.
Hi nightfall,

Yes it’s correct the 200 and 300 share the same sound but the 200 is more suitable to your size room , The PSB and the Monitor Audio have almost the same sound tend to the analytical bright side ,they were on my short list for upgrade excellent speakers but due their analytical/ bright sound I decided not to buy them.
I think the Bryston Middle T or the Proac D48R (they are on my short list for upgrade now) can be a great option for you both have very natural sound, excellent dynamics, rubost bass and very detalied .in terms of value for money the Bryston is even better .hope you cam demo them .


You are absolutely correct. The 300 would not be correct for my size room, and the salesman dutifully pointed out that the PL200 II would be the proper speaker. And again, they were still too analytical for my tastes. I am surprised to hear that the PSB T3's share that same trait, as the reviews seem to mention their warmth. 

Thanks for the other recommendations. I will see what I can do to possibly audition the Proac and Bryston you mention.

I did get to spend some time at the Salk production facility (local to me) on Christmas Eve afternoon, and was extremely impressed with their Song 3 with the new beryllium tweeter. Really superb, accurate sound without being dry or analytical, with great soundstage, overall presentation and huge dynamics (hard to imagine for the size). Also an amazing value for the money, not to mention the cabinet finishes were simply stunning. My first experience with Salk, and it has certainly given me something to think about.
I am not familiar with this company but I must admit that the Song 3 speakers seems amazing for their price .
You'll find the Salk enthusiasts over on another audio forum where, er, they go round and round.
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