PSB T3 I have not heard better bass from a floor standing/tower, have you? Under $7.5K

Dear all,

Although a long time member of Audiogon I am a relative novice at this so please be gentle with me!:)

I live in Singapore and recently was able to audition the PSB T3 floor standing speakers, when I had gone to the dealers to pick up a new Bluesound Node 2i.

The music I heard coming out of the PSB T3 had the best bass (Tight, punchy and articulate) I have ever heard from a tower speaker. The amp was a not so powerful NAD M10 (class D). Admittedly, it is very likely that the dealers audition room was perhaps well treated for such a bass response. There was no subwoofer playing.The rest of the sound spectrum was also very balanced. Vocals were amazing. The top end was very good, but not perfectly airy. perhaps the only very minor criticism i had.

My question to all of you is: Has anyone heard A/B'ed a tower speaker in under $7.5K range with the PSB T3 that can better the bass of the PSB T3?

Also there is a dealer/ distributor in Singapore:

Tritone AV

No. 1 Coleman Street
The Adelphi Unit No. #04-46
Singapore 179803
P: (65) 6333 9477
or (65) 9025 9082
E: [email protected]

Yes.  The Spendor D7 speakers have much better bass response and definition.  There is something quite special about their slotted port design that makes placement forgiving and yields smooth, appropriately tactile and deep bass without peak or exaggeration.  
The P3s sounded peaky and exaggerated in the bass when I heard them. 
Thank you all.

Will look to audition the Spendors and the ProAcs.

@audionoobie - I audtioned the Legacy speakers you recommended, however they were quite a lot more expensive here in Singapore. Not looking to spend as much. Thanks for the recommendation nonetheless!