PSB T'3 Tower Speakers

Long time owner of PSB Synchrony one speakers I decided recently sell and upgrade to newly released T'3..
Inital impressions very good,similar to former Synchrony one but better defined.
Tri-wire is a hassle and purchased new AQ Jumpers.
Allowing speakers to break in now

I am considering the T3's too. I had the Synch One for some years ago. I loved the bass in them. It went very deep and was very punchy! But on bad recordings it sounded harsh to my ears.
Is the T3 more "smooth" or laidback in the treble? What about the bass, is it as good as Synch One? You have more opportunities to tune the bass in T3, right?
I can't really address your concern about the treble with poor recordings, but the Imagine T3 is a significant upgrade from the Synchrony Ones in all respects. The T3s have a quality that just 'sounds right'; the speakers themselves seem to disappear and you immediately know that they are really something special once you hear them. The bass is better than the Synchrony Ones as well, extending effortlessly down into what is normally considered subwoofer territory. And yes, you can tune the bass by using provided plugs in some of the ports, and you can also short the lower pair of inputs so that the bottom woofer acts like an active bass trap if desired to tune the bass in difficult rooms. Of course everyone has different preferences in loudspeakers, so I would suggest that you check them out at a dealer to see if they're the right speaker for you.
I've been listening T3 for three days now.
The Triwire set up was difficult because I had to purchase two sets of AQ Jumpers w/my full range Comet cables..
After inital difficult set up(for me)Quality sound came out of the speakers from the first Record.
I've been listning to high end equipment for about 2 decades.And I've finally "understood" that I can be satisfied,which I am.
Everything sounds balanced w/accuracy & musicality.
One word to describe would be precision.
The deep bass supports all the frequencies.
I listened to my favorite artists and it was a revelation.
Beatles abbey rd./Indigo girls become you/Grass roots gr hits on dunhill/Allman Bros & wendy maharry.
My new Audioquest Earth interconnects are the other main reason this system works well.

Thanks for many great answers! I am playing mostly bad recordings and 80's hard rock. Can you try to play fexample Heart - Alone on your speakers? This is an example of a song that is very hard and lacks of bass on high end equipment.

Compared to Synchrony One, is T3 MORE forgiving of bad recordings? Is the treble more "smooth" ar ear-friendly?

Thanks again
Sheilalagro: Hope you can try to help me!
So, how has your experience with the T3 been?  Any long term impressions?
Good speakers and good system should reveal immediately bad recordings and there's nothing you can do about it, If you are looking for speakers that can avoid it or trying to mask faults in recordings you are going on the wrong route. 
SpearitSound has a demo pr for $5250pr for sale. Great people (no connection), but I buy from the frequently.