PSB Synchrony Owners - What Amp Are you using

I am interested to hear from PSB Synchrony owners with regard to what amps they use or feel match well with the Synchrony. I am particularly interested in what tube amps/wattage is being used. Any success with PrimaLuna Amps?
Thank You
Hegel h200 - had an arcam prior to this
They sounded fantastic when i herd them off tiny 100 watt rowland class d amps.
I am using a Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated that uses tubes. It puts out 275 watts into 8 ohms, 550 into 4 ohms which is what the Synchrony Ones really are. They definitly respond to power.
Thank's for you input.
It looks like if I want these speakers, I am going to have to change amps. I have been hooked on tubes for quite some time, and kind have shrugged off from transistors or hybryds, but have never given and solidstate (of any worth) a fair chance. I like what I have read about the Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated, though I dont think it is in there current line-up.
Thnx for sparking an interest
Hi Brad,

I have the Syncrony ones and am using them with tubes. Im currently employing a Conrad Johnson Classic SE preamp and a CJ MV 60 SE amp. I'm very happy with the way they sound through tubes.

I was using them with solid state gear, Parasound A21 and P3. At first it was very nice, but the syncrony ones are a very detailed speaker, and can tend to sound slightly hot in the upper most frequencies, (my) solid state gear over emphasized that for the worse.

I started by eliminating the P3 and replaced it with the Classic SE. This was a welcome improvement, the soundstage became wider, and sounded more organic to me (natural), not spot lit, which sounds processed through a circuit. As a result I was able to listen to a wider variety of music and not just the studio marvels that will sound amazing on just about anything. I kept the A21 for awhile, but the improvment I heard from the CJ preamp had me thinking about how everything would sound through tubes...

Eventually I found the CJ MV-60 SE and haven't looked back at my solid state gear, not even to compare. At first I thought I traded detail for a more forgiving sound, but on the contrary there is more detail and in all the right places, the (midrange). Soundstaging is also much more expansive. At 60 watts a channel its plenty for the ones. Comparing it to the A21 @ 500 watts driven into 4 ohms, I'll take the 60 CJ watts. Yes there is less bass, less punch and I can no longer bring the walls down or the police.

In the end we are all music lovers and for me musicality trumps analytics, picking apart a song is not for me, musicality and ease without fatigue are necessary to enjoy one of the best things in life (music). .
I have demo'd the PSB Sync 1s with an Ayre AX-7e integrated amp and found them the best over about 10 different speakers I tried out. I officially get my own pair this week. I will let you know how they sound after a few weeks of music and tweaking. They originally sounded great and I have a tough room to match to (large, windows, high ceilings and wood floor). Will update with a new post after a few weeks.
Hi Sbleam, I'm curious how this worked out for you.
Sorry for the delay in response. So far I love the Sync Ones with my Ayre integrated amp. I am using Morrow cables for my ICs and speaker cables (Biwired). Still playing with positioning a little bit (amount of toe in). My room is larger with high ceilings (15x22x10-12'ceilings). Wood floors, and windows, with rugs and furniture. The Ayre has sufficient power for the speakers - it has volume with 1 db increments up to 60 and loudest has been half way (30 db). I have not used the woofer plugs that come with the PSBs so far -- bass sounds solid. My initial setup was speakers about 7.5' apart, 4' from back wall (positioned on either side of a fireplace). I am about 8' from each speaker (trying to get close to that equilateral triangle - but main listening sear is slightly off center). Overall a great sound and separation, so far!!