PSB Synchrony One's or Legacy Classic HD's

I am considering either of these two speakers, and curious to hear comments of anyone who has compared them, or knows both of them.

I have read plenty reviews on the Synch One's, but none of the Classic HD's. I have also heard both speakers but in very different rooms with very different equipment.

In particular I am after something in that price range with an excellent open uncoloured midrange, smooth highs, and fast/detailed bass, and non fatiguing. And not too power hungry (have a Simaudio 100W I3 amp).

As a PSB dealer I own the Sync One's are really like them. They are not fatiguing at all, which I love most about them. The bass is clean and tight and reward with proper amplification. One of the best out there in it's price range.

Always been a fan of Legacy speakers, although I've never owned a pair. By specs alone, the Classic's should play a bit lower and their high sensitivity leads me to believe they would be fairly easy to drive with your Sim. This speaker is quite a bit larger than the PSB Sync One. They also weigh 95lbs each!
I currently own the Synch Two, but searching for a more open midrange and a more neutral speaker. I find male vocals quite laid back in the mix, especially when there is tweeter related sounds going on. So I am thinking a 3-way such as one of these two would solve the problem.

This issue with the vocals could be due to me using 14 gauge speaker cable. Perhaps a lower gauge cable would solve this problem.

Classic is very solid and has impressive woodwork.
Hard to find that perfect speaker. That's part of the fun of this hobby.

As much as I love the PSB Sync One, my ears prefer Dynaudio speakers. In terms of neutrality, Dynaudio is just about perfect.

I have the Sync One playing right now and next to them I have the Dynaudio Contour S1.4 monitors. Switching back and forth, to my ears, I prefer the Contours by a wide margin. The Dynaudio smoothness is what captures me. I use dual subs, so a floorstander is really of no need of help to my system.
the psb's
Interesting discovery:

I replaced my 14-gauge cable with old Monster AV cables I had that are much thicker. While I lost a lot of detail, it opened up the lower midrange and gives a lot more bass weight, and a much deeper soundstage. Effectively removing the brightness I was experiencing.

I will look to purchase a more expensive speaker cable that is thick but is better quality.

Amazing what ancillaries can do to a system.
Regarding your two-sub arrangement: what subs are you using?
Valinar, in that room we have the Dynaudio Sub500's as well as the Triad Gold In-room subs. Both are excellent.
I owned the original Legacy Classic and loved them. I had them for over 10 years because I couldn't find something that I really wanted. Just recently sold them and bought a pair of used Salk HT3, different speakers, different league. I have not heard the PSB speakers.

Good luck.
I've been using a pair of Synchrony Ones for about six months. My *purely subjective* opinions are that their upper midrange has a bit of color which leans toward brightness, and that their highs are a bit slow and leave a little bit to be desired in terms of precise imaging.

It is also my *purely subjective* opinion that the Synchrony Ones' bass and low midrange are first rate. The integration between the Synchrony Ones and my servo subwoofer produces a seamless "wall of bass" with world class directionalty, tonality, and pace.

Of course I am aware that the above may be minority opinions. I am also aware that my listening environment and associated equipment affect my opinions. Nonetheless, my advice is to audition the Synchrony Ones with a variety of upper octave artists before making a commitment.
I recently purchased the PSB Synchrony One's and really love them; I've never had speakers with this quality of of bass and outstanding midrange. I'm driving them with an 82 rms Rega Elicit, so I would think that a 100 rms Simaudio amp would be perfect. I have not heard Legacy speakers for years.
Which did you choose?
Hi there
Well I have optimised my gear with a full suite of Morrow cables (which are terrific and extremely good value), plus an Oppo BDP83 modified with a terra firma clock...another seriously good value.

I have found a buyer for my Synch Two's so I can take the next step. I can now get the Synch Ones at a much better price than the Classics.

Out of interest, how big a listening room are you using for your Synch One's?

My room is about 14 x 20 foot. Will I get overload bass if I use the 3 port plugs?

This is a follow on to my comment above dated 01-22-10. As Emily Litella might say, "Ohhhh, never mind".

I wish to humbly but firmly retract my criticism of the Synchrony Ones as being colored or bright. I have now traced my listening displeasure to two other sources. First, I was using an amplifier that had inadequate current drive which caused soft clipping on peaks, giving a general impression of strangeness. Second, the room treatment panels I was using didn't absorb well at frequencies above 5 kHz, and this created an "acoustic fog" which overwhelmed the Synchrony Ones' excellent high frequency imaging. With those two items corrected, the Synchrony Ones are great performers.

My apollogies to PSB and to Audiogon members for my error.

Bad dog Charlie, bad dog. You've gone and done terrible things Charlie...

(I also own a pair Synchrony 1's and love them).