PSB Synchrony One owners - placement question?

Hi I am looking at purchasing these this weekend but a bit concerned they may need a big room or a lot of space from the walls (Even after plugging all the ports), else the low bass may overpower a room.

Can you share your thoughts on this - what size room you have them in, and how far from side walls.

My amp is a Solid State Simaudio I3.

I have Synchrony Ones and I really don't get all the comments about them being bass-heavy. I had Stratus Goldi's before these and they had a lot more bass although it was less refined. I run dual JL Audio F110 subs with my Synch Ones and have the bottom port plugged and the other two open and it is not too much bass at all. Not bloomy, midrange sounds great, and the whole thing is very dynamic. Room is about 18'W X 22'L X 8'H and is open to the dining/kitchen area on one side so the space to fill with sound is pretty large. Amp is Rotel RB-1090 rated at about 700WPC into the 4 ohm load of Synch Ones.
the synchronies i've heard had a very full and pleasing low end set up several feet from
the rear wall and run off a rogue tube amp. i could see where it might need some taming in some setups. that's par for the course though for most speaks with a robust low end, not a bad thing at all. you can always find ways to tame bass but you can't generally make it happen when the speaks are not capable to start with,save adding aseparate adjustable sub perhaps.
when i auditioned the synchs, they sounded great about 3 feet from rear and side walls; when moved as close as a foot from the rear or side walls, the bass lost its composure. plugging the ports did stop the low end boominess, but also markedly reduced low end extension (aside from the fact that it seems ludicrous to get a full-range speaker only to have to constrict its low end). anyway, these are an outstanding speaker and i don't think you'll have placement problem as long as you don't get too close to the walls.
Thanks for your comments!
I agree about losing bottom end extension by closing the bottom port (tried it in the store).

I am planning to get them into a room about 12" wide, maybe 16" deep and 9" high. I am moving up from the Synchrony Twos for which I actually kept the bottom 2 ports plugged and have them 3 to 4 feet from the walls, and have cushioning in the corners!!! Although that's also a function of listening to modern recorded music which is artificially fattened up in the bass.

Although the Twos were reviewed by Absolute Sound as being a bit on the bass heavy side anyway, the Ones are supposed to be much more neutral.