PSB Synchrony One or Usher Mini Dancers?

Anyone compared these side by side?
I know the PSB's well but have not heard the Mini Dancers.

Quite keen to know how the midrange and overall tonal balance compare

Well I haven't heard them side by side but i have heard them separately, I preferred the PSB, it was more neutral in it's tonal balance, it was very articulate and could separate musical information very distinctly.

The Ushers sounded slightly more exiting and the bass was a little fuller, treble was hotter. a little more exiting presentation but the midrange didn't seem as right as the PSB.
Thanks and appreciate it!!! I have the PSB Synchrony Two's but upgrading, sounds like the Ones is the way to go.
Anyone know if a 100W/channel Simaudio I3 can handle the Synchrony Ones?

The amp has no problem at all on my Synch Two's but the Ones go deeper. Both rated at same efficiency.

Don't want bloomy bass!!!

acdvd, out of idle curiosity, why would you upgrade from the synch two to the ones? it seems like other than slightly deeper low end, the ones have essentially the same design & drivers and would sound substantially the same (both great speakers, btw). if you're craving more bass, would you be better off simply adding a sub, which will go even deeper?
For the dedicated midrange driver...
and the exceptional neutrality of the Ones...