PSB Synchrony One or Bowers Wilkins 804D?


Would love to hear from people who have heard both of these speakers. any input on them and their differences? Trying to narrow down between these two.

I own the synchrony one and auditioned the 804. For me it wasn't close.
You said you narrowed it down to these 2 speakers. How did you do it? Why these 2 speakers and not something else?
A lot of it has to do with what is available around my local stores.

So far the upper end B&Ws and the PSBs are the best that I have heard. I have not heard the Synchrony Ones yet, just the Imagine T.
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I haven't heard the 804D, but owned the 805D for a little while, and compared to a couple other speakers in their price range they are veiled through the midrange