PSB Synchrony Center or Imagine Center

I have a pair of PSB Imagine T2's on order and am looking to pair it up with a center. I want to be sure the Imagine C is enough of a center for me and I am willing to upgrade to the Synchrony one C. I'm concerned about matching timbre. PSB recommends staying with the imagine series for this reason. Any experiences/thoughts on this.
Absolutely Timre match and go with PSB's recommendation. I have never listened to PSB speakers and I can't comment either way on their lines and the differences in their lines, but if the manufacturer is telling you something -- especially if it comes to timbre issues, then I would listen. The only alternative is to "borrow" the two speakers from your local dealer for a home trial.
While I have not listened to the T2's I did have a listen to the original Imagine series and the Synchrony Two's side by side. I could only hear a slight difference in sound. I bet many people blindfolded couldn't pick them apart. Personally I like to have the best center channel available (or what my wallet allows) within a speaker manufacturer.

Yes, you are supposed to pay strict attention to timbre matching, but over the years i have gone that direction and against that wisdom with success both ways.
The reason I ask is that I had paradigm studio reference 100 speakers and upgraded the center channel from the 590 to the 690 because I didn't get enough out of the center. Even though the PSB T2's are an upgrade I do not want to take a step back on the center. I will try to find a dealer and listen to both if possible. Thanks.
Hi Mlanzone,

I'm in the very same situation - I plan to get a pair of PSB Imagine Ts in the front L/R and I have an option to get a discounted (half price) Synchrony one C as the center. Have you tried that combination? Will it match? I have no way to try it before buying it.

The place where I'm getting the PSBs is not really a hifi store - and does not have a center speaker from the Imagine line, so I would have to shop around and wait.