PSB Synchrony 1B Wiring Suggestions

I recently purchased a pair of Synchrony 1B speakers and after reading the various posts on bi-wiring, I can't decide if I should bi-wire them of just use the jumpers. The PSB website seems to say that it is only beneficial if you are using long runs of wire, but otherwise of questionable benefit. So I'm guessing that they do their speaker development using the jumpers. I have Kimber Kable 8TC wire and have set it up both ways with bare wire ends and I can't really tell a difference so far. If I did bi-wire, I would just divide the 8TC in to 4 terminations rather than running two sets of wire, so the cost difference is small. Does anyone have any long-term experience bi-wiring these or other Synchrony speakers and what are your opinions? Is there any downside to bi-wiring?