PSB surround and center speakers.

I purchased a used set of PSB Synchrony Two B speakers for my main left/right speakers. These are being driven by a NAD 775HD2

Money is an issue but I don't want buyers remorse on the center and surround speakers.

What would you do for center?
PSB Synchrony Two C
PSB Imagine C
PSB Image C5

What would you do for surround?
PSB Imagine S
PSB Image S5
personally I'd next go for a sub and then surrounds. for those I'd go cheapest of your above mentioned choices. then I'd get a center If I thought I still needed it and for that I'd get one with a matching tweeter or better yet all drivers, to the fronts. Mind I base this on a couple thoughts. first I wanted a good 2 channel music system as well so extra money on electronics and fronts. Second bang for the buck IMO on theater is fronts/sub/surrounds/center.
Thank you for the response!

I agree about the subwoofer first. However, I need to build a kid proof surround for it. That might be a while before I get to that project. I don't want them using it as something to stand on / play with.

Subs have me perplexed.... I can't seem to find what people think are clearly the few models to own. Like with blu-ray players, majority opinion clearly points to obbo. Any thoughts?

So back to the original question, your saying if you were me, you would get the Image S5 as surrounds and then match my left right with the Synchrony Two C?
in this case If I were you (and I'm not so take this with a grain of salt) I would go for the less expensive surrounds (dont go crappy but no reason to go expensive) and have the center use the same drivers as the fronts. Usually that means the matching model but not always. idea is that when the sound sweeps from left to right as sometimes occurs in soundtracks, the sound does not have a bump in the middle as the center picks up and such. personally I find that with decent fronts and the speaker alignment pretty well done you can get away without a center all together. definitely opinions vary there but it may be a cost savings opportunity. You could get the surrounds then try one of those in the center position and see what you think. You may find you are not sensitive to center model or you are. if not maybe get a 3rd surround for the center and save the money for some sub love. If you notice the difference then go with the Synchrony Two C and match up. I have a matching front/ center setup and had the center blow up. I ran a mismatched surround and barely noticed the difference. In fact once the movie started I did not notice it. I then tried no center and let the fronts and imaging handle things and found that worked really quite well. You may also find this. another cost savings opportunity that will also spark many opinions. I like cost savings because I can get more toys like a wacking huge sub!