PSB Subsonic 10 or JL Audio 112

I've got a PSB Platinum M2, C4 and CW363 in-wall, and MK-350 sub. I'm looking to upgrade the sub with something more current. Anybody have any experience with both or eiter of the PSB Subsonic 10 or JL Audio 112/113 subs? I've not listened to either, and listening to the PSB will not be possible, but I can listen to the 112 locally. I'm leaning to the PSB since it was designed to compliment the M2s, but the JL Audio is getting rave reviews. I'm sure I can dial it in to the PSB M2s. My listening is mostely movies, but I'm also listening to 2 channel or 5 channel music. OPPO player, Anthem processor, ATI amplifier and Wireworld round out the sytem. Any advise is welcome. Thanks for reading and responding.

M&K has always made some of the better subs. I believe your sub is sealed and has the M&K dual driver design that cancels 2nd order distortion. They were a little pricey for the absolute clean SPL they were capable of, but they were very clean until the tipping point then they go south pretty fast. See the measurements here:

Assuming the PSB is a 10" driver, I'm guessing you'll be taking a step backwards -- likely a big step back.

JL Audio, as everyone seems to know, makes very good products. See the f113 measurements here:

If you need high SPL and really low extension, the f113 is a great performer -- at a fairly hefty price.

I'd also consider the SVS PB13-Ultra (sealed).

I believe you can get a pair of the SVS sub for amlost the price of a single f113. If you've got the room, it might be worth considering. I'd also consider the new SVS SB-13 if you don't need the ability to unplug the ports.