PSB Stratus Silver i's

Looking to know what people think about PSB Stratus Silveri
speakers and what to compare them to.

I owned Silver i's about 3-4 years ago. For the price, they are hard to beat. I then purchased Gold i's and now Legacy speakers. Each step is better, of course, but lots more money. Preferred the silvers over anything in their price range and I listened to a whole lot of speakers before I purchased. Local dealer went away, thus the reason I purchased the Legacy's besides they're so damn good.
Silvers where better than Gold's in my opinion.
Silsvers for $700 used are a good try into audiophile experience, sure. I prefer them over older Paradigms.
The Silvers reminded me between a cross from Paradimm Studio 60/80's and NHT 2.5i's! Anyway, good try for a starter. Very clear sound with good rez and soundstage. They also are dynamic in a 2 and 1/2 way design.
If the price is right, and you have the itch, you should try probably.