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   I have searched here and many other sites on the Internet and have found no direct answers to the question I have......This post is to ask people who have experience with PSB speakers. Specifically, bookshelf/monitor models. There is a very narrow focus to my post and, hopefully, there is someone out there who may have asked my particular question....   I am currently using a pair of PSB Imagine B speakers with a pair of 10" subs (I don't care about booming/over powering bass) but use the subs to fill in the bass that the monitors can't. Am also using an active crossover to direct the appropriate frequencies to the speakers. using a NAD C375BEE integrated to power the system. NAD and PSB get along well together.   Here's my question....The Imagine B's sound pretty good but I have a chance to buy a NEW pair of PSB Synchrony Two B's for a good price. I realize that PSB discontinued the Synchrony line some time ago and side by side comparison isn't possible. At the time the Synchrony One was the front runner to the Synchrony Two. And finally the question....has anyone ever compared the Synchrony Two B to the Imagine B?   I realize that there will be many opinions as to a better pair of speakers or a better amp. Don't want to hear those opinions. Pretty much a narrowly focused question.

Not having heard Imagine B speakers in a while, but I believe the Synchrony 2s will offer more refinement, extension, and soundstage than the much smaller boxes. I own the 2s and don’t see getting anything else for quite some time. The NAD will pair well too.

Your room size, listening preference, etc. are all variables that will determine if you’ll like the Synchrony 2 in your space.
Thanks jtuba for your input. I am interested in whether the Synchrony is noticeably superior to the Imagine. Also, the comparison would be between the Imagine B and the Synchrony 2 B (bookshelves) and not the Synchrony 2 floor stander. The enclosure of the 2 B is only slightly larger than the Imagine. Anyway, any input is appreciated.
IC, I’ve not heard the Synchrony 2B. Since the they’re both bookshelves they’re probably fairly close in presentation. The edge I still think would go towards the Synchrony, but is the difference worth the cost to you? You can fine some reviews with Google searches
Stereophile reviewed the Imagine B. Absolute Sound reviewed the Synchrony 2 and 2B. HiFi News reviewed the Synchrony 2B
Been a long time but remember reading the Synchrony's were more difficult to place.
My personal opinion as a 12+ yr PSB fan is the the Synch One FS were the finest speakers Paul Barton ever built. I only heard the Sych 2’s twice, but they had the same beautiful tone, clarity, and balance the floor standers did.