PSB- New Stratus Series Forthcoming?

I am hearing several rumors that PSB is going to re-introduce a new Stratus line. Has anyone heard about this eventuality?
the gold series is great, but its been a long time since they have had a marketing come the platinums
I also heard that a new Stratus series is in the possible future. I wrote PSB asking that question but they didn't answer. They are now introducing their new Alpha
series. They have stopped making the old Stratus speakers. My take is that they are working on it but just not saying.
Hi Jndean,

I have done some asking around, and apparently the new Stratus line is a go. Paul Barton is reportedly promising a whole new look and performance. Prices may range $3000 for new Goldi, $2000 for the Silveri, and $1500 for the Mini. I can wait a year, no hurry, but its nice to see the series continue. PSB is my absolute favorite speaker company, and unless I win the lottery, I am sticking with them.
Now, If I can only find a used pair of Stratus Silveri's for a good price on the east coast.
Does anyone have a pair of MS-2i stands for the Mini?