PSB Imagine vs Paradigm Studio 60 vs Revel F12

Hi guys. Unfortunately, I live in a hi-fi unfriendly state where it's not possible to audition any of these speakers. I'm wondering if anyone has any listening impressions between any of the PSBs/Paradigms/Revels?

This would be for a 10' x 12' room. Thinking of pairing these with the Anthem Integrated. I would value imaging, dynamics and midband purity above low frequency extension and top-end detail. Thanks!
In the absence of replies from anyone who's actually heard these speakers, I'd say be very careful about overloading your small room with big speakers. The Studio 60 and Revel F12 should be able to put out some pretty deep, relatively powerful bass, which could muck up that midband purity you're seeking. If the PSB Imagine model you mention is also a large floorstander, I'd think the same goes. Have you thought about monitors? They might be a better match for your room.

I agree with Hesson11 on the size ratio. I have heard the F12 and own the F32. But the F12 is a big speaker for that size of room. Although I love my F32s I have heard Paradigm paired with Anthem and it has a synergy that you probably will have difficulty matching. Since Paradigm owns Anthem they are designed to work together best. The Studio 40's sound really big for their size. But if you want the Studio 60's they will provide more than enough for your room.
I've heard all 3 but in different rooms with different gear so take my word with a grain of salt. The F12 was probably the most neutral of the 3 with good mids and substantial low bass but is by far the ugliest. The Studio 60 v.5 has great dynamics and a decent mid but the highs were a little harsh for me. The Imagines have great great mids with a tad bit of warmth in there which I personally like and are IMO, the best looking of the bunch.

Although like others have said, I might look into monitors for your room in that range. In that price range, PSB Synchrony 1/2 B or Revel M22's might be a better choice.
I owned the Studio 60v.2 a while back and got rid of them when I moved the system into a dedicated listening room similar in size to yours. They did overload the room just like stated above. Also, they were physically so deep it was hard to get them in there.
Also owned the Revel M20s, fantastic sounding speakers but they are not attractive. If the newer M22 has the same sonic character they would be my choice. Plenty of bass for that size room IMO.
BTW, I have reviewed all three (as well as newer versions of the Paradigm) and compared them. It was not is a room so small as yours but you may find the comments useful.
Thanks very much, everyone. I had read your reviews, Kal. As an aside, something that I appreciate in reviews is when the author compare the review model against its price peers; just noticing that you don't tend to do that yourself.

On the room size, actually the dimensions of my room are more like 14 x 15.

My house is one of those new builds with an annoying multimedia alcove at the top of the room where the width will be 10', though the distance where I plan to sit will still be 12", the living room does not have a rear wall, and the kitchen is right behind where I will put my couch. I guess I'm saying there will be less reflections where I sit, cause there is no rear wall as such.

Although I don't like the alcove (side wall clearance distance will not be great), the rear wall distance should be OK.

I wondered if you thought the details about my room would still argue against these size of floorstanders rather than monitors. I don't like the idea of spending a lot of money on stands, really.