PSB Imagine T3 Floor‑Standing Speakers

any thoughts on these?

I am looking for speakers I can listen to in my system and not just at a dealer's.  I can do that with these (as long as I pay return shipping).
On the subject of return shipping, I returned a new pair of Tekton Pendragons to Tekton because they weren't to my taste and shipping from Rhode Island to Utah was 295.00 via FedEx (100.00 cheaper than UPS).  Large and heavy speakers are very expensive to ship.  Just keep that in mind.
open floor plan, so 600 to 1,000 sq. ft., depending on how you count

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You should give ’em a try. That’s a nice option on the return policy. Think of how much you would lose if you had to sell a $7500 speaker that you bought and did not like! If you return them the dealer will have to sell them as a demo pair. Seems like a real good deal to me !
They are very nice speakers and its great that someone will allow an in-home trial for the cost of return shipping.  Once they are opened and they are used and will have to be resold as an open box item.  Paying for return shipping seems fair.

And without return privileges, you would have to discount them far more than the cost of shipping to sell them as used.

If you go for it and like them, let us know.  We all enjoy user reviews.
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I've heard them at a friend's home paired with McIntosh gear. They sound incredibly detailed and warm. He has them placed almost 10' apart and 3' from the front and side walls. The soundstage they create is simply amazing if you give enough room to breathe. My suggestion to you is be prepared to buy/keep them if you decide to try them at home.
Audition is a must you have a huge listening room not sure the PSB is capable to fill it and to perform low frequency properly maybe will be better the bigger speakers of Revel, Vandersteen or Monitor Audio.
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I heard it, it is very good sounding  and nice looking speakers, you have to consider the room size, one of the interview Paul Burton mentioned that the speakers sound different  depending on the rooms.
T3 has layered sound, completely balanced speaker, has nice clarity on both end of spectrum.
Great speakers but way too small for that size room

We are psb dealers they are great speakers

For that size room legacy signatures at 7k are way more appropriate

The legacys ar eway more efficient play much louder and go way deeper

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Instead of buying new on trial, since you would pay shipping either way buy them used so if for the off chance they don't suit your room you can resell and then try something different?  I mean if you really like them and want a new pair you can still sell the used ones and buy new knowing they will work. I could copy/paste this answer to most questions on this board. it's what I do.