PSB Imagine T3

Hi. Anyone have experience with both PSB Stratus Gold i and PSB Imagine T3? Is it worth 9K to upgrade or should I be satisfied with what I have?
Brentj a pair of T3 lists for $7,500.00 how would it be possible to trade in your speakers and having to pay more?

Yes the T3 are far better loudspeakers than the Stratus Gold as the Stratus Golds are very old at this point.

Paul Barton learned alot in the years since the Status Golds came out.

The new loudspeakers are much tighter in the bass, have far greater detail and image way better and they look far better.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ PSB dealers
If I understand your question correctly, you are contemplating an upgrade from Stratus Gold i’s to the T3.
I would NOT do this on faith, thinking the newer speaker is better. I have a fair amount of experience with the Gold and Gold i; both were/are great speakers. 
A friend bought Synchrony 1’s, which are very much made in the mold of the T3. My opinion only, but I much prefer the sound of the Golds. I think the the Synchronys and T models are a different animal, made to satisfy the multiple small woofer modern theory of speaker design.
A friend has Gold i’s, and I always look forward to listening there. My other friend with Synchronys, not so much.
Large woofer speakers just sound different. I prefer their sound, but as they say, your mileage may vary.

Boy some people don't get it. The T3 is in no way close to the Syncrony series.  

The older Stratus Gold did have a big sound but do not have the resolution, speed, sound stage, or bass response of the T3.

There is a reason why the T3 have received so many accolades they are very impressive for their price point and the bass response for a narrow cabinet is ridiculous.

The  T3 do have a similar design  concept to the Syn series, but the drivers are all new, the Titanitum tweeter of the T3 is smoother and more refined with greater detail and all the drivers are different. 

The sound of the T3 is much more alive then the Sync series

All in all the T3 is a very musical loudspeaker that does an excpetional job with all types of music.

If you like the Stratus Gold the T3 will be a huge upgrade.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ PSB dealers

Have heard both, though not real recently on the Gold's.

T3 is a darn fine speaker, great bass response for it's size.  Believe it's built in china, a bit of a bummer and not sure how many people will be tri-amping a speaker that size but if I recall it has 3 speaker terminals if you desire.

I've always liked a lot of what it does for the money, I would use a warmer electronics set-up if you go with them.