PSB Imagine T opinions..and how they fare vs Focal

I have narrowed my search down and one of the remaining options is the PSB Imagine T/T2 (along with the Focal 726v)I have listened to the PSB, but not in ideal circumstances (not the greatest electronics and not able to A/B them to the others I was considering as this store carried PSB as their only high end speaker brand).
They seem to get rave reviews, but I was wondering if anyone has opinions of them in real world experience. In my listening I found them just a bit warm and "smooth" with just a bit of a soft top end. Wondering if this is really the case, or if it was just the electronics, and if so, does it hamper the detail and accuracy ? I like a accuracy, but I also like something that isn't fatiguing and has a bit of "oomph"
Also, has anyone had the opportunity to compare the PSB to the Focal directly ?

Thanks for any feedback.

i auditioned both the imagines and the focal 826 (which i believe are slightly larger than, but have the same drivers as the 726) my choice would be the imagines, which are the kind of giant-killer you need to spend a lot more to significantly improve upon. the focals do many things well--they have that extremely detailed, transparent high end--but i had some issues with the low end, both in terms of its limited depth and lack of tightness. the imagines, on the other hand, were really well integrated, with a ton of midrange energy (oomphier than the focals). as you suggest, compared to that focal tweeter, the psb might sound softer (it's not a hyper-analytic presentation), but ultimately you might find that less fatiguing and more musical. if you can swing it, the psb synchrony are even better.
Did you listen to the T or the T2 ???
Did you listen to the T or the T2 ?
the smaller of the two, which i think is the t--they were $2k
Yes, those are the T. The T2 is, imho, the 'sweet spot' of bang for buck. Side by side with the Synchrony, there is a difference, but $2K better??? Tough call. The $1500 extra for the T2 over the T is easier to hear. I haven't pulled the trigger yet either, but I'm trying to justify a $3500 improvement over what I have, which an amp upgrade just made tougher to justify. But it's a question I'm watching closely, and I'm glad you brought up the Focals, because they were another brand I wanted to hear.
Interestingly, the first time I heard the T2's, I had nothing to compare them to, and was blown away. The second time was when he had the Synchrony 1's next to them. I listened to the T2's first, and had a sense of a slight veil I hadn't noticed before, but was gone when I switched to the Synchrony's. Again..$2K better?? Maybe...I'd have to hear them in my home to know. The setup at the dealer's was far from ideal, but at least I could hear the two side by side, literally.
Hey English...were you able to compare the T to the T2 ? If so, what did you think ? Noticeable difference and worth the upgrade? I flipped back and forth on this when I listened. Once I would think the T2 was noticably better and then on another listen I wasn't so sure.
Sorry, no. Started at the T2, and went up only. Which now that I think about it, is strange for me, but oh well. When I went in and told the dealer what I'd be replacing, he took me straight to the T2's. When I went back, he had added the Synchrony 1's to the system, so I went back and forth between those two, but never the T's.