PSB Imagine 2 (or 3) vs Acostic Zen Adagios vs Golden Ear Triton One vs ???

After upgrading my turntable to a PTP Solid 12 idler drive turntable with a Thomas Schick tonearm and a Denon 103 cartridge with Midas body, I am now turning to my speakers. I am lucky to have of flexible budget of 3k-5k but would consider spending more.

I currently have Quad 12l speakers and one SVS subwoofer  (sometimes two) powered by a Plinius 8100 integrated amp. My phone pre-amp is a Music Fidelity X-LPS V3.

My room is 15’ x 30’ with wood floors with the system on one of the 15’ walls. I have 1000s of records and have been lately listening to 60s mono rock records, 70s rare funk and country-funk, some 80s pop and rock, 80s/90s hip-hop, and a few more recent albums by M.I.A. and the like. I do tend to like a solid bass which is why I tried the subwoofers.

I went to listen to the PSB Imagine T2s at the only nearby shop. Only the T3s were there, and they sounded incredible but were expensive. I also plan to check out the Acostic Zen Adagios and the Golden Ear Triton One. I’ve read about many others such as the Revel F208, but I just want to narrow this down, settle on them, and get back to playing records. I almost bought the T3s on the spot for this reason. Any thoughts on this list of possibilities? Anything else I absolutely must consider.