PSB Image B6 & Denon AVR-4306

does anyone know of better choice/match with this Denon receiver than the above PSB's? Mostly listen to music (mostly classical too), then some blu-ray movies but can't afford to get more than 2 speakers at this time. This Denon puts out around 125w to 130w I think into 8 ohm loads.

I'll give you my biased and mostly uninformed opinion.

First, I'm not a fan of the PSB sound based on my limited listening of them. The only potentially unbiased opinion is that they are 6 ohm nominal speakers which will be a little harder for the amplifier to drive compared to some other speakers. The receiver may be "high current" and rated for 4 ohm loads, but I can't seem to find anything on the Denon website and the ratings in the manual only indicate 6 ohms. My preference would be to have a receiver that was 4 ohm capable for a 6 ohm nominal speaker.

It looks like the PSB speakers that you're interested in are about $500 so keeping that in mind I'd suggest looking at the Focal 705v speaker or even the 706v if you can wrangle a few more dollars. They are available at Music Direct, but I'd suggest trying to find a local dealer to demo. These two models have the same tweeter that goes in the $3,000 836v model that I have.

Another option that I would suggest is to consider a Monitor Audio product. The BX1 or BX2 are a great place to start. The PSB speakers that I listened to were more expensive that the Monitor Audio speakers that I heard, but I was much more impressed with the Monitor Audio product for the price (i.e. value).
I use Canton CD300/CD360 with my Denon 4806 reveiver because they were on sale, cheap.
The meaning here is cheap-er than retail as a way to get much better speakers for less.
With a receiver the speakers (IMO) are all pretty much on an even playing field. Yes some have characteristics you want, but i would work more on finding some you can live well with for 50% or more off.
I never heard of Canton, but the local dealer garage blow out sale had mine at a steal price i could not refuse. (they were quitting selling Canton, and i bought all they had.)
$1,000. each list for $350 out the door, new in box.. Got four of those CD300 and three of the $750. Canton CD360 for $200. each. (I don't want a sub as I live in an apt.)
So I would think more in bargain mind. What can i locate that is a real bargain?
Then you will have way more speaker for your money.
One thing with my Cantons and the Denon 4806: i found using a Furman power factor conditioner made my Cantons sound wonderful. (I tried a 15pf Furman, and did not keep it, then I found a used Furman REF29i used here.)
Just letting you know some other alternative way of getting great sound with your Denon.
I should probably clarify that I'm not saying that PSB isn't a quality speaker, just that I didn't appreciate it's signature sound. I would describe it as dull, but others might consider it to be warm. My Focals are detailed to me while other consider them bright.

Elizabeth has a good point about looking for a great buy. I'd suggest doing this as well while keeping in mind that it's not money well spent if you purchase a speaker with immediate plans of a future upgrade. Try to get something that you'll be happy with for a while or at least plan to use as rear channel speakers in the future.

I'm not sure what you end goal is for a system, but my father-in-law has Focal 706v speakers connected to an Onkyo 606 receiver and is set for life. A friend of mine has Focal 807v speakers with an Integra 40.2 receiver and I think he's happy for life. I have Focal 836v speakers with an Inteegra 50.1 and I'm pretty much happy for life when it comes to speakers. My point is to make sure that all of your audio purchases are made with the future in mind rather than just getting by for now.
Gonna be the devils advocate and say all of the above are good suggestions....including psb...I have heard Focal at my dealer...and I don't believe the models stated are a quantum leap above the psbs...we are still talking sub 1k monitors...I.find the focals a bit bass shy...imho....if u don't have a lot of your area...psb is a solid choice....believe audio advisor has u can trial at home...good luck
Phasecorrect - If the OP likes the sound of PSB then that's what matters. I just wasn't personally impressed, but I don't doubt that other might enjoy or even prefer their sound.

I think the tweeter on the Focal's are amazing, but their dominant sound can also have the effect of making the bass take a back seat...or to use your words...bass shy.

I thought the PSB and Monitor Audio products had a similar sound, but the PSBs seemed more expensive for similar quality.