PSB Goldi power requirements

I am considering a pair of PSB gold i model speakers. I am currently using a rogue stereo magnum 90 amp. My question is "will this drive these speakers to a full range sound? I read people are using 200-300 wpc SS amps. Haven't seen anything on tubes though. thanks
My compliment on your choice of speaker. I spent a number of yrs with PSB Strat Silvers and Golds and loved every minute of it. I used a Marantz 300dc power amp and it was both beauty and the beast! The Gold I’s were great at all types of music. Paul Barton is a genius and built the Synchrony One towers that are as fine a performer as I’ve heard in home. If i recall, the Gold’s were moderately efficient which I would guess make you need a pretty good tube amp output, not some mini outfit. Be cautious that you don’t rob the Gold’s of their own warmth and detail. In the end though, it’s all about your ears, your taste, and your ability to know what you like without needing others’ approval. Enjoy those PSB’s!