PSB Gold v PSB silveri

I am wondering if anybody has compared  the PSB Gold verses the PSB silver i and what your observations were.  I have seen it written buy some that they liked the silver better.  Just wondering  thanks
Look at the PSB Platinum if you are looking for a great used speaker by PSB.....   I regret selling mine , awesome speakers
Have Stratus Gold i's and there is no need to compare. I enjoy listening to vinyl - spectacular for this purpose. CD's, DVD's and Digital Streaming from Laptops/Olives or an iPod. Receiver is an Integra DTR 7.4 so it has the analog and pure audio features.
I am not an audiophile due to unprotected youth at Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, AC/DC live concerts. Bob Mould of Husker Du finished off my hearing in a small room at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which the review in the Times Union of his "Black sheets of Rain" performance was headlined as "Black sheets of Pain" referring to volume of the amps.
Since I incurred so much damage and these speakers manage to make music still sound amazing. I can still enjoy all the emotions of the heartfelt crooners. I imagine someone with excellent ears would find pure enjoyment with the clarity and separation of instruments exuding from these 200 lb. solid performers. I cried the first time I heard them set up in my listening room. They are that good! I appreciate the bone vibrations from the lows and how solid the cabinets are. If I come across some silvers I will take a listen. If they are better or someone says they sound better than golds...go for it. They are affordable and that is another beautiful Plus+++++ Can grab either one for around a grand. PSB is a dedicated sound designer of maximum enjoyment. 
I've owned the PSB Stratus Silver i's and I've heard the Gold's, as well.

First, let me preface this by saying that both of these speakers offer outstanding bang for the buck.

The Gold's have a deeper, stronger bass presence than the Silver's.  The Silver's, on the other hand, seemed to have a more delicate midrange, but the Gold's overall have a deeper, fuller presence.

The silver's are also easier for an amp to drive.  According to a friend whose audio opinions I trust implicitly, the Gold's require that rare amp that can tightly grip the woofers in order to achieve their true potential. 

Both are great speakers. The decision comes down to how much you value bass and whether your amp is up to the task.

I would base decision around room dimensions. Even given there age you wont do better at or even above there second hand price points (a bit bold yes, confident? yes, very). I loved my silveri. Both models sound great and handle power cleanly, image well, handsome looks. I fed a rated 400w x2 to each biamping but I was also happy with them down to half that.
I had the Gold i about 2 years ago  Thought they were really good but  to warm and fuzzy  Had to use solid core wires for jumpers to get it to have sharper/cleaner images. I mentioned that here and some others agreed.  Had the Golds a few months ago.  Seemed more lively then the i version probably because they are slightly brighter. . . Compared to other speakers I have had I could tell the tweeter was under the midrange. Not a big fan of that but it is the trend to try and control lobe effect.  I like a vertical stage. Tweeter on top seems to open up the stage.  Stillthink they are  really good speakers just maybe not for me.  I have not heard the silvers so just asking. Do they have the same warm and fuzzy sound? Ii have some KER 104.2 here right now I am trying  Pretty impressive
Thanks  Have a real concern about having a short soundstage with the silver i .  The tweeter is  a 8 inches below my ear level.   I have Vandersteen 2c units right now and they have a nice tall stage. FYI  I like the old c units better then the newer CE and CE sig.   There are several areas were i am not sure the PSBs will out do the Vandys including bottom end and stage height / and general openness   Just not sure.