PSB Alpha B1 for Peachtree Nova

What do you guys think of this combo for an in-town condo. Other speaker recommendations that perform as well or are better suited for the Nova <500? <1000?
could consider their own speakers the era d4 or d5. i have a set of each and like them fine. assume that they made sure the nova sounds good with their own stuff.
The Peach Tree Decco with the D4's was a sweet match.
I can't comment on how they would match the Peach Tree products, but when I took my father in law speaker shopping a few weeks ago we listened to a few different brand speakers in the out-the-door $800 range we had the following experience. The first store we compared a PSB floorstanding speaker to a B&W monitor. I would have had a difficult time choosing between the two as the B&W seemed to be a slightly cleaner sound, but the PSB had just a little better bass response that made them sound better on certain types of music. I'd probably look at a B&W over a PSB if you were comparing monitors based on that experience, but obviously listening for yourself is the only way to know. The next store we listed to a Focal 705v monitor and a similarly priced Paradigm monitor. The Focal 705v was by far our favorite speaker. The Paradigm was sounded excellent as well, but was bordering on being too bright, especially for my father-in-laws family room. We ended up getting him Focal 706v speakers that I think would be difficult to beat, but may be above your price range with a retail price of $650 without stands. We also heard a much less expensive set of bookshelf speakers, that I believe were Monitor Audio, that sounded great for the price. I'll try to find them online and post what they were and the retail price. They might be a great option, it was the first speaker the saleman pointed us to even though they were well under the stated price range.
I'm thinking they were the Monitor Audio BR1 (my minds eye remembers them looking more like a more expensive model, but the price on these is just right) that can be had for about $250 a pair online. They have many levels going up, but based on my listening experience the brand would be worth a listen.

I'd have to say that based on my admittedly limited listening experience, I would have rated PSB near or at the bottom, but they still sounded pretty great.