PSB Alpha B 1's

Anybody own these?
I bought a pair for the kithen because they are easily mounted on the walls (brass mounting ancors).
Mine are like new and don't think they are broken in yet ($120/shipped on fleabay).
Where have these things been my whole life!
Out of the box, they sound very good.
I grabbed some anticables, and hooked them up just to see if they worked properly.
I hooked them up to the kitchen system which had Klipsch kg 1.5s flown from the ceiling until one of the Klipsch decided it had enough and rather unfriendly decided to bow out of the system.
I am running a Rotel rb960bx amp, B&k reference 20 with a Yamaha dvs5650 for cd (zu cable firemine cable).
Yamaha 8" servo sub in the kitchen.
I guess hamburger helper taste alittle better with some Robert Crey singing how sad he is.
Out of the box I could see what all the hipe was about.
These things rock!
Good midrange, decent bass, and pretty refined highs for the money.
When you talk about these, you always seem to say, "for the money".
Won't touch the LR system, but these things belong in the bang for the buck hall of fame, and they are not even broken in yet!
I am pretty impressed for the money.
I guess musical enjoyment isn't based purely on money.
I gave $15 for that Yamaha powered sub at a pawnshop, because they weren't sure it worked.
I have seen the Alpha's on several "recommended" lists, and thought I would give them a try.
Pretty awsome for the money.
Now I just hope I can refrain from climbing that PSB model # ladder, I need to get rid of some of the crap I have now!
Its the music that moves you, equipment just shuffles your credit cards around.
You are right, they are terrific. Check the pawn shops for the PSB Sub Sonic 1.
You might get a deal on a demo unit from Audio Advisor if there are none in the pawn shops. It matches up well to the Alpha B 1's, and really make a system that
is very hard to beat for the money. BTW, NAD electronics (same company) mate very well with these speakers.
Just a note. I have had speakers that cost a pretty penney.
I use the PSB Alpha's as my "utility" speaker.

I take them to my back porch, yard etc. They are silly good
for the money. Very accurate at that price point.

Having used PSB's off and on over the years, they are always a great bang for the buck. I think their value is in the Alpha and Image lines. Great speakers for the buck.

Once you get over the $1000 range there are alot of good speakers.
I have had 3 pair of alphas and my kids now have them and they still sound good paired with good electronics or mid-fi. PSB gold or platinum take it to a higher level with usable bass included.
Another good inexpensive speaker is the Paradigm Titan. I have played around with the Alpha and the Titan and I like them both.