PSB 300

Has anyone owned or heard these speakers and what are your impressions?Thanks for any info.
i believe these are known as the century 300 and are from the 90s--i owned either these or the similar 200s back then and remember being pleased--they're typical psb-sounding, which is to say very neutral, without noticeable coloration or accentuation of any frequency. hope that helps.
Hi John. I presently own both the 300 and the 300i speakers. I listened to the 300i mostly using an Arcam 10 int. amp until lately when I decided to try one of my floorstanders (Paradigm Phantom V4) in its place. (Very challenging room acoustics.) My impressions of the 300i: Very natural midrange and the upper freq. is a little soft. Very easy to listen to speaker. The Vifa D19 tweeter is wonderful. The woofer offers good bass although not so good definition. Overall, a very good loudspeaker. Easy to drive as well. I think the 300i sounds just alittle better. I was listening to this spk. in this difficult room for less than a yr. Then on a whim, bought a pr. of Dynaudio DM 6/2 when they were on closeout/sale. What a different sound. Much more detail and a more forward midrange w/very deep bass which was much more defined. However, this was not the right spk. for this room even adding a subwoofer. The Paradigm are the best matching I've heard so far. One other concern I'd have w/the PSB's is that the woofer surround is foam. Have not had an issue w/my 300/300i. Everything in audio is system/room matching. In the right combination, the PSB 300/i is very, very good. A softer, easy listening speaker. Let me know if you need anything else. Bill
Make that Dynaudio DM 2/6.