PSAudio Power Ports

I have two of these installed and can definetly hear the difference. No question. However on one of them, I have more than two units to plug in. Presently I'm using just a cheapy Home Depot 3 way plug expander to accomodate 3 units on the top plug. Have I just defeated the benefits of using the PSAudio Power Port? If so, what power strip would you recommend? I can't afford the $200.00 PSAudio 6 way Juice Bar. Just not in the budget. What would you recommend? I'm looking at a Wiremold (hospital grade) 9 way Powerstrip sold by one of the hi-fi high end audio stores I patronize. They use these all around their showrooms and highly recommend them. It's $50.00 and has minimal internal components that can cause voltage sag. It will not suppress voltage. What does everyone think out there? Many thanks.
i have the power ports as well, since you can clearly hear the difference, what would prevent you from hearing if there is a loss of the benefit?

Thanks. What I'm pointing out is that by using a cheap plug expander in the PowerPort, do you lose the advantages you get from the PowerPort if a component was to be connected directly to it and not going through an expander? That's what I'm asking. Or is it a case that the power has been cleaned and improved upon by the PowerPort and even if we're flowing current through a cheap expander to three components, it's OK by this point? Hope I'm clear in my explanation. I know this is hard to describe.
no benefit to these things..they CHANGE the sound..not what good equipment's an illusion you are enjoying...
I understand what you are asking, but isn't the ultimate goal improved sonics? If so, I would hope you could let us know what you find out by your own experience

FWIW, one of the marketing points is the tighter connection between the AC plug and the PowerPort, whether that translates to a sonic benefit would be up to ones own ears.
Well just to follow up on this, I did speak with PS Audio tech support. They advised that if you're going to use one of their power ports but need to connect more than 2 components to the outlet, use a power strip with hospital grade sockets at the very least. Their "Juice Bar" has been discontinued and is being redesigned to match their new line (estimated to be available in about 6 months). Next best thing is the Wiremold L10320 power strip which I did purchase and have connected. Definetly makes a difference when the power strip itself does not degrade or suppression voltage as most conventional ones do. If anyone would like to purchase one, e-mail me and I'll direct you. Just a suggestion for the forum.