PsAudio P-3-- or UPC 200

Which one should have the most impact on improving my system? A little wary about how hot the 300 runs and the increase in electric bills. I would run my cd, dac, and pre amp off it. Have a 20amp dedicated line that either one would be plugged in to. Thanks.
Zar, don't worry about the increased power consumption if you are only powering front end components with a p300. The p300 only uses 60 watts at idle. The power consumption of your front end components doubles when they run through the P300. However, their consumption is generally negligable, maybe a 100 watts at most generally. The p300 doesn't run very hot when only powering front end stuff, as there's an 80mm computer fan that runs to cool things off. The fan is the biggest source of annoyance, it's audible in quiet sections of music. I've replaced it once with a quieter fan and am planning to buy a $30 ultra quiet Pabst fan to quiet things further. It's not hard to replace if you're even slightly handy with tools/soldering iron. As to which will give the most improvement, no question, you get what you pay for. The p300 was the biggest improvement I've made in a long time, MUCH more than a tweak. I couldn't imagine not having one in my system now. Usually manufacturers' promises of improvement are liberal parts hyperbole, but I think the Power Plants are the real deal. No BS or hype as far I'm concerned.
I use both in my system. The P300 will offer more sonic impact. Check out the Cable Company and you can have an in home demo to decide for yourself.
PS Audio offers a 30 In Home trial so listen to them both!
I have owned 4 P300's and(for the money)they had the biggest impact of all equipment that I have bought! I hear all the talk about how hot the P300 gets, SO WHAT!Dont place your hand on it and its not for cooking. Its never effected my equipment or electric bill. Make sure ( as with all equipment) that you have proper ventilation around it and you'll be fine.Like most equipment I think most sound better warm anyway. Good Luck!
I agree with the above posts. I had a P300 in my system for a couple of days and do miss that peice of gear. Being able to tweak the frequency yeilded even better gains than just pluggin it in, even with just plugging it in though it sounded great. I noticed a good degree of taughtness in the low end after adding it as well as smoother less grainy highs. Like Photon46 noted the fan was a bit noisy and would be replacd if i did own one. I will definetly be purchasing a PS regenerator one of these days.