PSAudio in trouble?

I have had the Nuwave DAC on backorder for two months. I'm getting a wee bit impatient.

Talking to a dealer today, he had heard they are having lots of issues since moving production to the US. Probably time to start shopping again for a DAC...

I'll give them till the end of March, but then I'm cancelling!

Not particularly a huge number of DACs in that price range...So in the 800-1200 range, anyone got any new suggestions?
What were you told when you placed the order? Did this info come from a dealer? The PS Audio Website currently list the product as "available on backorder." Seems pretty straightforward to me. If you were promised the item in the next day or three, then it's possible that you were misinformed, either intentionally, in an effort to keep your business, or simply because someone hadn't done his homework. However, if you placed your order knowing that the unit was available on backorder, that it would likely, in fact, be a couple of months before it was in your hands, that's obviously another story altogether.
-- Howard
Good things are worth waiting for.
Two months does not seem like an unreasonable time . Sometimes manufacturers sell more of a product then they are setup to supply ,this happens a lot with new products .
The Teac UD-501 has been getting some strong support on CA. Check out that thread. Have not heard it. It also does DSD.
Wyred4Sound dac1 is 1,000.00. I have been using one since January 2012 and love it. I have done extensive listening between the Wyred dac and the dac in my 8,500.00 Esoteric player. I have come to the conclusion that on any given day I could go with either one and not be dissatisfied.
I have been using the Nuwave Dac for about 2 months and am very satisfied with the unit. I preferred the NuWave over my Cary 306/200. Being in manufacturing I have to give credit to PS Audio for what they are doing. I believe the Nuwave is worth the wait and PS Audio deserves our support for bringing production back and creating jobs.
Stereo5 - Drive that W4S DAC2 with a low-jitter I2S source and it will leave your transport in the dust. Big difference. Truly world-class.

you can get the cable at a good price at

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
"PSAudio in trouble???....they are selling units faster then they can make them and you think that's "trouble" for them?. hmmmm?

i think they're very happy with the way things are going... with the exception of wishing they could produce more. =)

maybe "trouble" was a bad choice of words?
I totally agree with Kettle 7830 and wrote Paul McGowan an email praising him for his decision to bring production, and jobs, back the US. There are bound to be spot shortages of a particular product during this transition in manufacturing, but my Dectet arrived within a week this January, so it may just be the NuWave DAC that's in short supply.

Also, as the very happy owner of a Perfect Wave Mk. II DAC, think it's worth going to be worth the wait.