PSAudio Direct Stream or Bryston BDA/BDP2?

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I've had five foot surgeries and may, due to mobility issues, have to switch to digital audio for my home. I love my system, but I have almost know knowledge of DACs or other such matters. From what I can tell, my budget would allow me to go either PSAudio Direct Stream or the pair of Bryston units. Nobody I can find sells both, so I can't ask a dealer, hence I turn to you folks. Can people please help me figure out which of the two options I've mentioned is better? Or, is there some other gear I should consider?

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Haven't heard either but the DirectStream has gotten a ton of positive reviews and is available with a 30 or 60 day return policy depending on where you buy it. May be worth trying one out to see how it sounds in your system.
I went with a DS, and couldn't be happier. It's an amazing DAC. Many people would agree, but certainly not all would.

I've heard a lot of good about Empirical Audio's Overdrive SE.
I have a PS Audio DS AND I concur with Rhanson739. In addition, I'm purchasing Bryston BDP-2. I should received the BDP-2 in three weeks.
No brainer, ModWright Sony HAP-Z1ES. I was considering BDP-2/Antipode with a $10K range DAC and my brother has a DirectStream.

Search threads for owner comments. GL!
I use a BDP-1/PS Audio DSD DAC combo and it couldn't be simpler and I couldn't be happier with the ease of operation and the sound quality.


I ordered a BDP-2. Have you compared the BDP to a transport going through the DSD? If so, what are your thoughts.
I own the BDP-2 and the PS Audio Direct Stream.
Previous to the Direct Stream I owned the BDA-2 Dac. It was a very good Dac, just not in the same category as the Direct Stream.
The BDP-2 is a little fussy, but overall its a great convenient usb player and mates well with my Direct Stream.

How does the sound of the BDP-2 compare to your Cary 306 SACD?
The Cary is in for service right now.
But as I recall, the Cary digital input was very good and in many ways more robust compared to the Bryston.
However, the Cary only does Hi Rez to 24/96 if that matters.
I can only speak for the PS Audio (and I should add I have no experience with any other high-end DAC), but I just had my Perfect Wave upgraded to a Direct Stream: I basically have not left my couch for a week. It's the rare piece of equipment that makes you want to relisten to your entire library. It is a detail monster, though not aggressively so, and is the most beautifully musical piece of digital equipment I've ever heard. I have fairly "analytical" speakers (Kharma CRM 3.2 FE) which can be a little hard-edged; now they are so pleasurably musical I can't stop listening.

I still have a modded CEC TL-1x transport and have compared the sound of a CD played through the CEC into the PS Audio DSD, vs the same music as ripped CD (using DBPoweramp) through the BDP-1 to same DAC. The Bryston unarguably has greater clarity and detail, larger soundstage, more presence, more realism. The CEC gives you a more mellifluous, slightly softened, burnished sound that on some CD's actually sounds more pleasant than through the BDP-1, but those are the exception. It really is no contest as a general matter.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information. Hopefully I will receive my BDP next week.
Any of you with the Direct Stream + Bryson also have the Bridge 1 installed? I was considering getting the Bryson BDP1-USB when I get my DS but now I am waiting until the Bridge 2 is released in the next few months. One less component in the living room. The Bridge will supposedly have a cleaner more direct circuitry to the DAC.

Let us know how you like it. There is a Bryston BDP directory on one of the audio sites, I think AudioCircle, where there is a lot of valuable assistance both from Bryston (James Tanner) as well as Users. I can also help you off-line.

I will receive it tomorrow, unfortunately I won't be able to listen to it. I bought a new amp and it wont be here until Friday. I will share my thoughts after a few days.
As usual, you are all great; thanks for the input!


So how is the BDP?


I really love the convenience of the BDP2. I have it connected to a Bricasti M1 DAC and it sounds outstanding. I can't honestly say how it compares to other transports/digital players, but I love it.
Good news.

Which digital cable are you using? In my experience, this makes a dramatic difference.

Wireworld Platinum 7.
An admirable choice, based on what I have read (have not heard it).

I had been using a Stealth Sextet, which was the best among the myriad I had tried over the years, but now am trying out a Nordost Odin digital. It either is mind-bogglingly transparent, detailed, full-bodied and three-dimenional to the point of my auditory disorientation, or I am just imagining things because of the Odin legend. Have not yet decided. Hard to do an A/B with cables, but I will not fall in love with a reputation.

Good luck.


I also use a BDP-1 and was hoping you could share how you connect your BDP-1 to the PS Audio DirectStream Dac. Any information is appreciated.


I use a Nordost Odin balanced digital cable from the BDP-1 to the PS Audio DSD, and then High Fidelity Enhanced IC's from DSD to preamp. I am a happy fellow.

Heres my current list,

Schiit for the money, especially if your source is a Mac

Berkeley is very good but cool colored.

anything from ayre

ARC if and only if you have a really good source.


Anyone has a real-world comparison between PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC with the Junior? Thanks.