I just spent an hour at the psaudio site and thought it worthwhile to pass along some info. Besides the usual product copy there is a section of "free tips" that has a lot of the usual tweaks, albeit from the company's point of view and also some tips on obtaining cleaner power with little or no cost. At the homepage, click on the leftmost pulldown menu and select "free tips".
Oh Oh, that should have been click on the righmost menu.
I spent some time browsing after reading your post. Fun. Thanks for the post.
Kitch: Nice read, thanks. It reminded me to double check first order reflections which I have not done since repositioning my speakers, a little bit, a while back. The "squealer pen" also looks like somrthing that would interest me as I will be relocating all of my gear and cables soon.
Yes, I only wish the internet was around in the late 80's because those are the things that were costly to learn or you couldn't find out the right way to do things. What an
advantage the new audiophile has today. Keep checking that