PS4 Streaming Audio Options

Hello community;
I finally retired our PS3 after 8 years--got a PS4 Pro for Christmas and have figured out that , through the media player app, the PS4 finds my Squeezebox center music server and can access all my files. This was relatively painless and just worked. 

Initially, with the optical output to my SACD player's digital input and, playing my FLAC files the results were underwhelming connected via Wi-Fi. 
I then connected via 10/100 ethernet cable and there was a significant improvement.

I read a thread somewhere else about using a USB DAC with the PS4 but when I tried my AQ Dragonfly Red, nothing, not even the LED light on the AQ. Still trying to debug.

My goal would be to use the PS4 as the main bridge to my music server but to, of course, obtain a very high quality result. I was wondering if there is potential with the PS4 as a bridge or should I look to something like a dedicated streamer?

Thanks 'goners!

I upgraded my switch to a Gigabit switch and the results were excellent; another boost to the sound quality. A wonderful sense of fine resolution and nuance. Very happy!  Currently using a Marantz SA 8005 SACD player via optical input. Results are basically indistinguishable on redbook; same disc ripped to FLAC and played over the network / PS4 vs straight CD from the Marantz. 
Wish Sony and Tidal were friends...stuck with Spotify for now, for "cloud" streaming with the PS4.