PS3 for blu and surround

I just bought a PS3 and would like to know what surround formats I would be recieving. I have an older Onkyo 6.1 rcvr with only toslink and coax, no HDMI except to the HDTV. Should I set the PS3 for PCM for multichannel or some other format. I know they sell better rcvr's now but this Onkyo will only be used for multichannel. All suggestions heeded.

It is a TX-DS797, the Onkyo that is.
you will need to look in your manual for outputs from the PS3 and inputs allowed by the onkyo (which will likely depend on the input method)

I suspect you can send it all to the receiver and let it sort things out.

more importantly where did you find a PS3 for sale? talk about unobtainium lately!
The easiest and the most economic way is to use Toslink connection with digital out from PS3 to digital in on the receiver.
Found the PS3 at Target in a small east texas town. Getting some charcoal and they had one for 299 and it is the 80Gb version. Guess I lucked out. Finally hooked it up with HDMI going to TV and opt. going to the rcvr. Tried PCM and DD and DTS. PCM sounds fantastic. By the way Avatar looked and sounded way too good to believe. Blu is the way to go.

Given your response to Blu-ray, I suspect you would be blown away by a receiver with HDMI and the new lossless codecs. You can probably find a used one on AudiogoN at a good price.

yep...i use my ps3 via hdmi to a very basic/newer Yamaha receiver and it's wonderful. outstanding picture and sound imho.
Thanks for the response. Got out the manual and I like the PCM output into the Onkyo. Great for SACD and BD. Now to find more SACD. Cheers