PS3 as source?

Hi folks. I am currently w/o a cd player right now. But I have my collection ripped to WAV files and send them to a benchmark dac. It is not as engaging as the Ayre CDP that I had to part with but it will do.
I also have a ps3 that I have used for blu ray but recently I ran an optical out to the benchmark to try it as a transport. It sounded like crap. Had a very bizarre echo ish sounding effect. No base and very harsh. Am I doing something wrong in the set up, or just expecting too much from the player?
Found this in the forums and maybe some of the input from other members will give you your answer :
Riley -
Thanks. Saw that. Was hoping that if I described the sound that I was getting that someone would tell me that I had and internal setting wrong that would fix the problem. Because it dosent just sound like a "bad" cd player. It sounds "wrong". And when I use it for blu ray or dvd it sounds fine. If anyone knows thier way around this thing, let me know!