PS Stellar Gain Cell DAC vs Mytek Liberty DAC

Hello digital file listeners
Has anyone heard both the PS Audio Gain Cell DAC (& preamp) and the Mytek Liberty DAC and could give me a comparison? If you haven't heard both of these but are familiar with one of them what are your impressions? Also, if I got the PS Audio Gain Cell DAC should I also use it as my preamp or should I continue to use my Parasound Halo P5 as the preamp? If I'm going to listen to digital files I might as well have a preamp with a remote control and both of these have remotes.

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I purchased a PS stellar DAC to replace my Schitt Bitfrost w/multibit DAC.

I was looking to upgrade my DAC plus purchase a headphone amp and this fit the bill. As a bonus it had a preamp which I assumed would be an upgrade to the preamp section in my 10yr old LFD MkIII int. amp.

So to my ears the DAC section was an upgrade over my Bitfrost thanks to the option to select from 3 filters, the headphone amp is very-very good. As for the pre-amp section it could also be consider an upgrade due to the ability to select a filter. 

The bonus was now I can control my music through the remote which the LFD does not have. 

I am very certain there is a significant improvement over TIDAL FLAC files streamed through my Auralic Mini.  I am not sure why, but the improvement streaming TIDAL through the Bitfrost is more obvious to my ears compared to the relative marginal improvement of Redbooks between the 2 DACS.  

Sorry, my last paragraph is not clear. What i mean to say is the improvement streaming TIDAL through the PS over the Bitfrost is significant to my ears compared to the PS’s marginal improvement playing CDs over the Bitfrost
Thanks for your response and clarification, cast3. The PS Audio Stellar sounds like a pretty good deal for the money, especially since it can also be used as a preamp.I've read that the Mytek Liberty sounds good, too. Now if I can find someone who has heard both of them that could make my decision a little easier.
@cast3Btw, I also have an Auralic Aries Mini, but I usually use an Elac Discovery Server that comes with Roon Essentials, instead. It's almost as good as Roon without the additional fees. The Mini is great, though. I just wouldn't use the built-in DACs of either one.